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Pollution is everywhere, so we must take extra precautions when consuming uncooked food such as vegetables and fruits. To make these free of chemicals, we require veggie wash products that are both food-friendly on the one hand and robust enough to remove all chemicals on the other.

Anshin water is one such product, available in Jakarta, that lives up to your expectations very well. As we use only highly refined food-derived ingredients in our Anshin water, which is otherwise pure water. This makes it very safe for the environment and people, yet it can remove all bacteria, viruses, and chemicals from food. As a result, it proves itself to be an effective vegetable cleaner product. It is also a multipurpose cleaner product in Jakarta that can be used as general cleaning purposes. 

Why is it necessary to use a vegetable cleaner product?

To minimize the risk of food poisoning, washing vegetables and fruits with a veggie wash product properly is required. Not only are harmful germs such as Salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria present in raw veggies and fruits, which can make you and your family sick, but pesticides and other chemicals from polluted air make a layer on them as well. It’s better to use an authentic vegetable cleaner product like Anshin Water, before consuming them.

How is our alkaline water one of the best veggie wash products?

With a bottle of Anshin water in your home, you can live a safer life than ever before. You might wonder how water, after undergoing slight processing, proves itself as a powerful vegetable cleaner product.

Anshin water is a strong, alkaline, ionized water with a pH of 12. It is produced first by purifying water from dust and chlorine via special electronics with ion exchange membranes. Then this pure water is mixed with caustic soda (above 5%) to raise its pH. Most bacteria and viruses can only live up to a pH of 11, with 12 pH Anshin water sterilizes 10 times more effectively than regular water.

At the same time, it has no side effects and is safe for the environment. With potassium carbonate as its basic ingredient but in a very low concentration of 0.17%, our alkaline water is safe enough that if a slight amount of it remains on food, it doesn’t harm the body. We can consume Anshin Water as a harmless vegetable cleaner product for day-to-day use.

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Also, devoid of any surfactants, it is even safe if licked by babies.

Anshin water can be used as a veggie wash and fruit wash.

As pesticides and anti-oxidants layer on them are harmful if ingested, therefore it’s safe to use a veggie wash product.

Put fruit or vegetables in a bowl and spray with our alkaline water evenly for that purpose. Let it stay for 20 seconds to 3 minutes maximum, then rinse under running water. 

Not only are harmful chemicals removed in this manner, but your vegetables and fruits are disinfected, reducing the likelihood of them rotting.

In this way, you can prolong the life of your vegetables and fruits by getting them disinfected.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is it safe if, by mistake, I swallow traces of Anshin water with raw vegetables?

Whenever we talk about a veggie wash product, the first thing that comes to mind is its safety. We use highly refined ingredients derived from food in our Anshin Water. Otherwise, it’s pure water, free of any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, additives, or aromatics that are common in other products. Therefore, if spraying comes into contact with your skin, it is non-irritating, especially for people with sensitive or atopic skin. Also, its basic ingredient is potassium carbonate, which raises its pH to 12. Potassium carbonate is a raw material used in food and is safe. Because it’s also free of surfactants, there is no need to be concerned if you eat a vegetable that has traces of our alkaline water on it or if a baby licks it. Hence, you can use Anshin Water as a vegetable cleaner product in Jakarta without worry.


How is Anshin Water different from alcohol?

Although alcohol can also sterilize surfaces, it is not recommended as a vegetable cleaner product. Rather, Anshin water is used for washing and cleaning food. One reason is that while alcohol can sterilize surfaces, it leaves behind dust where bacteria can regrow. Second, alcohol has a low sterilizing power when used in a wet or moist environment, such as with vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, because alcohol floats on the surface of the water, it may not reach the depressions in a vegetable or fruit.


How is it different from other non-alcoholic sanitizers?

Other non-alcoholic sanitizers use more or fewer chemicals than alcohol, so they may have a slight taste or aroma despite being said to be food-grade sanitizers. Anshin water has no such problems, so what else can one demand than a safe, food-grade vegetable cleaning product that is chemical-and aroma-free and removes oil and stains from the veggies besides disinfecting them?


How is it different from other alkaline electrolyte waters?

Other types of alkaline electrolyte water usually use salt as a raw material to raise the pH. If such alkaline waters are used as a veggie wash product, there is a risk of rusting if they are used with iron items like knives and baskets used during the washing process. There is no such issue with our alkaline water using potassium carbonate as a raw material.


How is it safe for the environment?

Chemicals and waste from factories are polluting the ocean. Anshin water is free of any synthetic chemicals, and even if it were to flow into nature, this alkaline water would be neutralized immediately, so it won’t harm the environment or people. Also, during the manufacturing process, we don’t discharge any pollutants. So, you can use Anshin water as a vegetable cleaner product in Jakarta without fear of harming yourself or the environment.

Is this product can be used for other purposes?

Yes, You can use Anshin Water as a General cleaner product, Floor sanitizer product, Pet cleaner product and so on. It is alkaline and non hazardous cleaner. You can use it anywhere you need.    

Wrapping it up

If you are looking for a highly refined food-grade vegetable cleaner product in Jakarta free of any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, additives, or aromatics and with greater efficacy, our Anshin water is the best option. Use this veggie wash product to get 99.9% disinfection that is safe for the human body as well as environmentally friendly.