Eco Skincare
+ Health care

Remove pesticide

Eco Skincare
+Health care

Remove Pesticide

without chemicals

eco skincare/Healthcare, Veggie wash, vegetable cleaner/ chemical free


Veggie wash terbaik/eco cleaner/eco sanitizer/chemical free

Veggie wash

eco skincare, veggie wash

Sanitizing + Cleaning

Just spray Anshin, pesticide & wax & soil & dust
are removed within 20~30 seconds

You can spray onto kitchen equipment like 
a cutting board or knife.
Kill 99.9% germs.

Not only vegetable & fruits, you can use for
fish & meat to remove oil stain or stickiness

Food Grade

Anshin is chemical free, No alcohol too.
Very safe: you can spray on any foods and your hands too.
No smell: you don’t need to worry to move odor to other foods
No taste: if you cut sashimi or fresh salad,
Anshin doesn’t disturb your cooking.

BTW, this is no irritation.
If your child uses it by mistake, no problem at all.

Efek yang Menakjubkan dan Aman

Menghilangkan pestisida.
Fast & excellent cleaning oil stain& food residues.

Membersihkan gadget

makeup remover just spray on make up and wipe it by cotton after 20~30 seconds.

Pet Deodorizer & sanitizer & Cleaner

glass cleaner terbaik

Cleaning oil stain

Bebas alkohol dan kimia

anshin for cleaning table

Membersihkan noda minyak di meja tanpa lengket

Disinfeksi dan menghilangkan bau dari kulkas

Membersihkan pori-pori

Menghilangkan noda roko dan bau roko.

menghilangkan bau Sofa, karpet

Anshin/toilet deodorizing

Menghilangkan bau dan memdisinfeksi dudukan toilet

Kekuatan sterilisasi yang terbukti

0 %

Sudah teruji klinis oleh Laboratorium UI dan IPB.
Tentu saja, ini juga efektif dalam Menonaktifkan virus

Before use Anshin

After use Anshin

Eco skincare+ Healthcare "Anshin"

Anshin Water is Multi-Purpose, sanitizing, cleaning, deodorizing at once. it is called "Alkaline electrolytic water", and it is used for removal pesticide, cleaning oil stains, deodorize hands after you cook fish something, eco hygiene product too. No perfume, No irritation, No taste. eco friendly Product for human & environment


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