10 tips cleaning room easily/Improve efficiency!

Cleaning is essential to keep your home comfortable. However, some people may be a little nervous, “Where should I start?”, “I’m tired because the dirt doesn’t come off “, “It takes time to start cleaning” Good news for such a person. Actually, there are “cleaning tips” that can make a big difference in efficiency if you don’t know it. If you know the cleaning procedure, how to remove dirt without exerting force, and how to choose a detergent that can remove dirt quickly, we will show you the tips to finish cleaning easily and quickly. Let’s finish the troublesome cleaning quickly and relax in a clean room

Decide when to clean

Let’s set a time and start before we start, such as “Today’s cleaning is until the washing machine is finished”. If you have a fixed end time, you can concentrate on cleaning. And even if you can’t do it perfectly, if you decide that it’s over when the time comes, it’s easy to get started.

Clean up the clutter in the room

Before you start cleaning, clean up any clutter on the floor or table. Whether you’re vacuuming or wiping the table, it’s quicker to get rid of clutter and leave it empty than to clean it up.

Cleaning procedure is “from top to bottom”, “from back to front”

Dust falls from top to bottom. Therefore, in principle, the order of cleaning is from top to bottom and from back to front. For example, if you clean the air conditioner or light bulb after cleaning the floor, the dust that has fallen will require you to clean the floor again. In order not to clean the same place over and over again, think about the order and start cleaning.

Clean the wash basin last

Cleaning tools such as used rags and brushes. Let’s clean the wash basin that washes these last. If you clean it first, you will need to clean it again after washing the cleaning tools. Recommended cleaning procedure Kitchen → Room → Window → Toilet → Bathroom → Washbasin

Recommended time to clean floor

The recommended time to wipe the floor is the first time in the morning when the dust that has risen during the day settles on the floor. Remove dust with a dry mop or flooring wiper. If you vacuum it first, the exhaust will cause dust to fly up again, so be careful. For those who aren’t at home during the day, it’s okay just after returning home when the dust has settled on the floor for the same reason.

Wrap pack is effective for mold and scale

A wrap pack is recommended to repel water stains and mold in the bathroom that are difficult to remove. A wrap pack is a cleaning method that uses a wrap to firmly adhere and penetrate dirt with a detergent that easily drips. Since the detergent works only on the dirt, the dirt can be removed without rubbing with force, which is very efficient.

Clean windows with a microfiber towel

A microfiber towel is recommended when wiping the window glass. With a general rag, the wiping residue may remain, and it may not seem clean even after cleaning, but with a microfiber towel, the wiping residue will remain clean. If you have a window wiper, you can use it together to make cleaning even cleaner and quicker.

Don’t forget to wipe the walls of the toilet

The wallpaper of the toilet is soaked with water splashes when flushing. If left as it is, it may cause stains and mold. Clean it with a mild detergent.

Use different detergents depending on the type of dirt

The main stains on a house are divided into alkaline and acidic. By using an acidic type detergent for alkaline stains and an alkaline type detergent for acidic stains, and using a suitable detergent, it will be easier to remove the stains, which will reduce the time and effort required for cleaning. For example, Acid detergent for scale, chlorine bleach for mold etc… For multi purpose cleaning in Jakarta, recommendation is using “Anshin Water” , No chemical but excellent cleaning power.  Made in Indonesia using Japanese technology.


The following three cleaning tips can be summarized. Follow efficient procedures so you don’t have to clean the same area twice Make full use of small tricks to easily remove dirt Use different detergents depending on the type of dirt