We only use materials of high standard.

We use only highly refined food-derived ingredients in our Anshin water. Other than that, we use pure water, so you can see that it is very safe for both the environment and people.

Anshin Water does not contain any synthetic chemicals. Anshin Water does not contain any synthetic chemicals, nor does it contain any preservatives, additives, or aromatics that are common in other products. Therefore, it is safe and non-irritating for people with sensitive or atopic skin. (It may sting if you are injured.) The reason why it is safe to use without preservatives is because the high pH is maintained by special technology. However, since Anshin water is a very gentle product, we have set an expiration date because the product will gradually lose its ability to be used.

Anshin water is 99.9% disinfectant and can deodorize, but it does not contain any disinfectant chemicals or deodorants. Instead, it uses pH. Most bacteria and viruses cannot live in an environment with a pH of 11 or higher, but Anshin Water has a pH of 12, which is high enough to sterilize. The pH of Anshin Water is raised by a special technology without the use of synthetic chemicals, and when it comes into contact with organic materials such as the human body, it is immediately neutralized, so it has no effect on the human body or the environment. Don’t you feel excited about a future without chemicals?